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​Diamond Sutra Code-Modern Text Translation

Kim just after password is one of Taiwan's Hsinchu Yokoyama ISKCON Temple Abbot Celestine Dharma Master TV series, tells himself "heart center through dense" real repair Showing confirmed that this is a Sakyamuni Buddha reveal real meaning of life, complete human redemption The teaching of spiritual liberation allows everyone to realize that "all beings have never flown to life and death" and confirm the "purity of the original mind that has long been accomplished" in one's mind.
With the "Vajra Wisdom Going to the Other Shore", the existence of the most real life can lead us to experience beyond time and space, to escape from life and death, and to gain the Tao in this world.

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​General merchandise

Trouble is Bodhi, this delicate Heart, is to all people, can escape worldly troubles, and get the body that is born of achievement.
The awakening of the inner wisdom of the soul produces a white and big heart lotus. The lotus also symbolizes the heart of the Bodhisattva's practice. This is a kind of exercise and promotion of human nature, and this white and big lotus,
It also represents a kind of peaceful compassion and wisdom.

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The Three Sutras of Buddhism

According to legend, the Buddhist Sutra was fabricated by the Chinese patriarch; why is it said that he was fabricated by the Chinese patriarch?
Because at the time, there were no such documents; later, when Master Kumarajiva translated the scriptures, they found the scriptures.
The appearance and style have not lost the original intent of Sakyamuni Buddha, and the consistent vein of Mahayana Buddhism remains;
That's why it spread to this day.
The so-called renunciation represents a kind of attachment to the Tao and does not refer to the act of shaving one's head and dyeing clothes.
Instead, it describes the desire to pursue a world-renowned world in the soul, as long as there is a pure heart,
It can be called the heart that was born in the world, and it can also be called (the monk)!

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Pharmacist Liuliguang Tathagata's Original Wish Merit Sutra

There is a Buddhist world called Jing Liuli, and there is a Buddha in this Eastern Jing Liuli world.
Known as the pharmacist Liuliguang Tathagata, he has enough to make offerings (Buddha fruit is complete, he is offered by man and heaven, and he is completely troubled)
Positive enlightenment (the most ultimate enlightenment), Mingxing Consummation (six degrees of perfection, full of blessings and wisdom, no regrets)
Good passing (to enter the state of purity and inaction without hindrance), world interpretation (to understand the truth of everything in the human world)
, Supreme Master (Supreme, Only Buddha), Regulate Husband (Can tune into the dark world of the heart, stubborn, surly,
Ignorant sentient beings tend to learn Buddhism and practice, that is, physical achievement), celestial masters (human-nature mentors), Buddhas (sages who are consciously self-conscious, and realize perfection),
Bhagavad (i.e. the meaning of cosmic consciousness)...
To believe in the pharmacist Buddhism, one must believe in the inherently pure glass Buddha nature of all living beings, because the heart disease of all living beings can only be cured by the heart medicine. It's going in the opposite direction.

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"Six Patriarch Altar Sutra" Heart Center Sutra

Six by the ancestral altar is a constant source of controversy classic, since although the ages, many have questioned the credibility of the literati through the contents, especially the illiterate Sixth Patriarch, after the completion of award founder of the mantle, which sneaked into the secular In the hunting for fame, fortune, desire, hunter team, after 15 years, when the sixth ancestor reappeared, he can already quote the classics to teach the congregation, so it is very controversial whether the sixth ancestor can read or not, but the author believes that the sixth ancestor altar It doesn't matter who wrote the scriptures, what is important is that the insightful dialogue and content in it are thought-provoking and can provide confusion and obstacles to the practice of later generations of Buddhists.  When we study the altar sutra, we must take a detached standpoint, immerse ourselves into the scenes in the classics, and experience the atmosphere of the six ancestor Huineng's words. It is not a hypothesis, and it directly points to the innocence of people's hearts. It is really bringing us. When the head is slammed, it suddenly eliminates delusions, and understands the emptiness of all dhammas that do not arise, never die, and have no wisdom and no gain.

For beginners or old practitioners, it will bring breakthroughs and sudden realizations at different levels. Such experiences and feelings have also been experienced in the Vimalakirti Sutra. Master’s enlightenment,

Not only can we remove our mental obstacles, but it can also correct wrong views on Buddhism. This is a very important practice key. Confused by non-stop delusional thoughts, unable to clearly understand the origin of the mind. The original word has a pure Buddha nature. After seeing the nature, as long as the current mind is well protected, the one who is lost will not be lost to practice all the methods, and actually believe in it. If you are practiced, you can be straight and become a Buddha

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​Collected Essays on Master Bodhidharma

This is a tantric teaching of Buddhism, which transcends time and space and modern Buddhism, which can make people obtain instant enlightenment and spiritual joy!

In the eastern world,

People are fascinated by such a powerful thought trend of spiritual wisdom, and they are silently developing and evolving.

But in the Western world where science and technology theories are in charge,
However, there have been many new spiritual mentors, and a hundred flowers bloomed to propose.
, A variety of new ideas for exploring the spiritual level.

In this {The Collected Works of Master Bodhidharma},

Everyone can get a clear confirmation,

All modern Eastern and Western psychic masters,
The discourses of spiritual teachers and emerging religions are inseparable from the discourses and teachings of the ancestors of the past!

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Prajna Heart Sutra‧Vajra Sutra‧Amitabha Sutra

Although just a two hundred and fifty as if by leaders, which it contains Sakyamuni Buddha's wisdom Diamond Heart Sutra, also made big bodhicitta training eighty-four thousand law fundamental way.
If all those who practice and learn Buddhism lack the wisdom of prajna emptiness, they will have nowhere to go when they practice all dharma, and there will be no way to find a way. Those who practice should not be careful!

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Vimalakīrti-Thirty-seven Taoism

Victoria Mount interrogate been born law world is a Mahayana Buddhist scriptures, the interpretation of the fundamental teachings of Mahayana Buddhism. So at home is also a monk of the most-loved classics scholar and pull out of.
Vimalakīrti Bisdas, or Vimalakīrti for short, is a rich man in India. As a layman, he unites all opposing things in the world into one, and then transcends the opposition to transform all problems into high-level spirituality. Stand, and enter into the ultimate unthinkable truth.
Fully understand that only when you indulge in troubles can you realize the pain of clinging to troubles;
Only when you indulge in love and desire can you realize the emptiness of love and desire;
Only when you indulge in the desires of fame and wealth in the world can you realize that things are like dreams and illusions...

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​Ksitigarbha password

Seamless universe life, esoteric cosmology, can make a person a glance, there is no mystery at all,  It makes people walk humbly and sincerely into life, and face the true self without any illusion. Every life comes to the world to learn from the woman in order to be reborn to other higher levels of mind, land, and Dharma realms. However, there are only a small number of enlightened people. , Can get a glimpse of the mystery of life.  There are only a few lives, just like flames, that are glorious and fleeting in an instant. Because they have worked hard for several lifetimes, they finally came to the world of Saha to show their life of practice.
It confirms the meaning of life, that is, *the universe comes from self-respect, and goes to complete the exercise*. It also allows more people to admire and applaud the sages' posture in preaching the Dharma and doing the Tao throughout their lives.

The ignorant pursues the vanity of the world, and finally is satisfied with the short-lived vanity. The hardships and adversities of life are the best experience in life. 
However, few people can awaken *dream return* from the trek of the bitter sea, and transform the hardships and adversities of life into the power of rebirth.
Take the sea of suffering as a lesson, from the suffering, realize the true meaning of life.

This book provides people of different types of minds and levels to see the truth of the real life.
School education can regulate human behavior, but it cannot teach human spiritual purification.
Only by practicing Buddhism, deepening meditation, and enlightening wisdom can we turn things around and change the human mind.

Everyone mistakenly believes that not killing mosquitoes and ants is compassion.
Ignorant and naive people think that buying aquatic birds to exile is to release their life, but they don't know that to give up the ignorance and stubborn superstition in their hearts is the real release...

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Vajra Prajna Paramita Sutra

Pursuit of clean inherent wisdom of Buddha, vain with heart, do not be tempted, harmony freely to hold the line all the good deeds Busch; like the heart as a mirror, mirror such as the heart, such as not moving; not attached to all the world with names such as The immovable and pure nature of the Dharma, sees the ten thousand dharma, but is not deceived and turned by the ten thousand dharma, this is the secret of life and death, can achieve the free and unimpeded Tathagata pure dharma body, recite this scripture, and spread the truth and merit. Big,
Far better than giving away the Seven Treasures, only the Buddha-nature of the inner pure wisdom is the eternal and immortal, and it is the most ultimate vajra wisdom in the world

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Eight Great People's Jue Sutra & Forty-two Chapter Sutra

Eight adults feel ten disciples of Sakyamuni Buddha is by the eye in the sky first of Ana Lv His Holiness, the Buddha asked the spiritual guide for the lay their spiritual home made ~

Chapter forty-two was first sent Zhang Qian Qin and King and other twelve by the Eastern Han Emperor Ming went to Xinjiang to retrieve,
The two eminent monks of the Western Regions, Kaye Moteng and Zhu Falan, arrived at the Baima Temple in Luoyang at the age of ten years and Ding Maonian, and they were translated into Chinese. They are also the earliest Buddhist classics translated into Chinese in China~

Anyone who has the ambition to practice and seek the Tao, if they can fully understand the meaning of this sutra, and can practice what they do, they will realize the supremacy.

The extraordinary artistic conception of the spiritual wisdom method!

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