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Buddha Bathing Ceremony on the Buddha's Birthday in B.E. 2564  Hengshan Huayan Temple, Hsinchu

Due to the escalation of epidemic prevention, everyone is encouraged to wash the Buddha online. Through the process of washing the Buddha, we will wash away our body, mind, heart, pain and karma for the past year, so that we can get spiritual awakening and spiritual wisdom from ignorance. . It also represents the meaning of rebirth of the soul in addition to the old and the new.

Invited by the abbot Shi Shengjing Master and all deacons
Internet Cloud Buddha Ceremony
洗佛 1.png

Buddha washing procedure

1.  Hands together  Three prayers
2. Hold the lotus finger in your left hand and place it in front of your chest and visualize the right hand with a little fragrant powder and lightly tap on the center of your eyebrows, three times in a row

3. Visualize with the right hand holding the ladle filled with water, and gently pour it on the prince's head, and visualize it as if it is pouring on yourself, from the head to the feet, three times in a row

The first scoop of water, wash away the filth of the body and mind for a year

The second scoop of water, wash away all the pain, worries, and unsatisfactory

The third scoop of water, wash away the body, mouth, mind, and all evil karma created

After washing the Buddha, you are now a reborn person with your hands together eleven and worship Amitabha!

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