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 Buddhist 2564  New Year's Day 

Huayan Temple, Hengshan, Hsinchu (Huayan Lanruo)

In the Lunar New Year in Buddhist calendar 2564, the registration activities for An Tai Sui and Zhai Sang Gongde Furnace began.

Make an appointment with the bright and auspicious Buddha lamp, the Buddha's light will be bright to support family luck, health, and careerFor new

Lighting the auspicious Buddha lanterns in one year, family luck, health, career, blessings of the Buddha's light.


Register online or contact us by phone   Phone: 03-5936100 

B.E. 2564

New Year's activities start

Contribute Funds

Support donations

*  Become a supporting member of Huayan Temple

----Sponsor three hundred yuan a month to become our official member

*The rights that can be enjoyed are:

  1. At the beginning of each year, the establishment of a long-term position for disaster elimination and blessing.

  2. In July each year, the Super Passing Ceremony will set up a personal rebirth lotus position for the third-generation kinsman and creditor, recommending and selecting the third-generation kinship and creditor for you, and praying that everything goes well and everything is auspicious.

  3. Consultation and priority assistance for life problems.


*Remittance account number:

Huayan Lanruo Charity Club, Hsinchu County, postal transfer account number 19825531


1), select Chunghwa Post ATM (ATM) 2), select "Book Transfer" 3), select "Inward Transfer" 4), select "Non-Agreed Transfer" 5), "Please enter the transfer account number (8 digits) )” 6), “Please enter the amount”


Call for volunteers

 Those who have the ambition to improve themselves and serve others, are willing to join hands with us to undertake the cause of heaven and man with compassion and wisdom. Regardless of men, women and children, we sincerely welcome your input.

Ceremony Religious 


~~ Respect the eternity of life with a grateful attitude towards life~~

Type of Puja:

-Great Compassion

-Pharmacist Phrase

-Ksitigarbha Puja

-Guanyin Puja

-Ksitigarbha scripture

-Zhongyuan Fa Conference

-New Year Ceremony

Columbarium & Memorial Tablet Shrine

Tower position

The geographical location of Huayan Temple is located in Fengtian Village, Hengshan Township, Hsinchu County. It is entered from the Yongfeng Bridge in Neiwan. The road is a cement industry road. The clearly marked Huayan Temple indicator is about 500 meters above the indicator to reach Huayan. Yan Temple (Huayan Lanruo), Shun followed the 18th Arhat to the Huayan Temple Square.

From the viewing platform of Huayan Temple, you can see Youluo River, downtown Hsinchu and Nanliao Fish Harbor; when the weather is clear and the sun sets, it is very dazzling. In the evening at night. No matter what the angle is, it is so fascinating. The morning fog is as light as a fairy's gauze ribbon, with thin layers of white gauze, and even the woods become faint, like a "world wonderland" feel.

Huayan Temple occupies an area of more than 13 Jia, and is 500 meters above sea level. It is planted with precious cypress, Xiao Nan and other precious tree species. It is elegantly landscaped and stands in front of the Great Compassion Hall. symbol of. Inside the main hall  "Zhunti Buddha Mother" is a great bodhisattva who is respected by both prominent and esoteric Buddhism. Constantly chanting the Zhunti mantra can get the light alone. All sins are eliminated. Life extension. Fortune and wisdom increase. And get the shelter of the Buddhas. Stay away from all evils for generations and generations. Quickly realize the Buddha's fruit of the supreme bodhi.

In Huayan Temple, there is a joint practice of Zhunti Mantra. Master Shi Shengjing teaches how to open the third eye-the pineal gland, from the past to the present... If you are interested, please refer to the enrollment information.

The Amitabha Hall of Huayan Temple is a memorial pagoda for opening mountains and building temples. The five elements of fire and earth are equipped with, especially the feng shui structure of the hidden dragon treasure of the blue dragon and the white tiger. Descendants; wealth, ding, and noble elephants in the sky are also the most perfect and noble pattern among the eight patterns, the pattern of dragon and phoenix is auspicious! Its auspicious aura is a rare top Buddhist temple auspicious pagoda!

Huayan Temple is not a private profit-making unit. It is a religious group led by a monk. In order to give back to the protection of the ten directions, the abbot of the mountain, the abbot of Shi Shengjing, set up auspicious pagodas in the Amitabha Hall, and used expensive, strong and non-destructive modern high-tech aluminum. Alloy fire-resistant building materials, made family-style, husband-and-wife style, personal auspicious bone position and ancestral tablet enshrinement (Zudetang),

To give back to the people who sponsored and support Kaishan and build the temple, the entire congregation of Huayan Temple and worship with gratitude. In addition to regular three meals, incense, water, rice and flowers and fruits, the Lunar New Year's Day and Lantern Festival each year, Tomb-sweeping Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and the five major festivals all hold offerings, and chanting back to the puja; Every year in the seventh lunar calendar, the Puduo chanting and offering lasts for one month. Free incense, gratitude and remembrance. Because the pagoda is not for profit, the venue is open, airy, and infinitely solemn! The number is limited, and the Shifang Dade is welcome to make reservations for the family and relatives first, so as to make the best plan for the honor of future life. choose.

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