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Master Shi Shengjing explains the heart-centered sutra, the highest wisdom of real life existence ~ Audiovisual Propagation Series.
At this end of the world, for most of the friends who still interpret the meaning of the scriptures in accordance with the text, we can urgently provide spiritual learning and exercise.
Chanting can open up the wisdom of our souls and enhance our spiritual power. Only through the inheritance and baptism of the heart-centered sutra can we achieve more chanting, more aware wisdom, and a deeper glimpse of the sutras. The Tangao.
The series of audio-visual propaganda is the only guide for people who truly study Buddhism, want to escape from death, and understand their nature.

Golden Chakra
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It is taught by the abbot of Huayan Temple in Hengshan by the Holy Land Master, who develops the five senses of the human body (color, sound, fragrance, taste, touch). With the ancient tantric practice techniques, combined with the super-conscious mind-autonomous control science, the development of the world And enter the memory database to remove the intellectual barriers that affect this life, and relieve the interference of karma, ignorance, and face the future life positively.

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Author:  Ksitigarbha Scripture Code Dharma Patriarch's Discussion Collection Six Patriarch Altar Sutra... etc., free download 

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"Readers and Netizens' Soul Corner"
The Soul Garden is a gathering of masters from the upper sacred and lower realms. During the 30 years of preaching and preaching the Dao, the readers of monthly magazines and websites have answered their questions.
To talk about Buddhism in tantric method means that the master uses the awareness and realization of real verification and practice to solve the doubts and show the righteousness.
All the questions may also be the common questions of most people. The master's answers revealed that in a simple and lively way, they pointed to the core of the problem and were worthy of careful reference and confirmation by those who study Buddhism.

Team Building
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Those who have the ambition to improve themselves and serve others, are willing to join hands with us to undertake the cause of heaven and man with compassion and wisdom. Regardless of men, women and children, we sincerely welcome your input.

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Lighting auspicious Buddha lanterns for the new year, family luck, health, career, blessings of Buddha light.

Holy Land Master's New Year's Day Discourse
20181229 聖境法師元旦開示 -
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​Activity Law Review

Hengshan Huayan Temple, Hsinchu


Bathing Buddha Dafa Conference

Highlights of the New Year Ceremony at Huayan Temple, Hsinchu


Huayan Temple, Hengshan, Hsinchu, Taiwan~~Huayan Lanruo Buddhism Network Service Project

  • The master instructs the practice of sitting meditation, breathing out, guiding qi, and qigong

  • Instruct the chanting of Amitabha Sutra, Pumenpin, Pharmacist Sutra, Ksitigarbha Sutra, Diamond Sutra

  • Guidance for quasi-prescribing, eliminating disasters, relieving evil, and practicing the Heart Sutra

  • Helping reciting, doing seven days, doing ten days, eliminating disasters, praying for blessings, and chanting services. Send marriage sandalwood rosary beads.

  • Services such as spraying cleansing, arresting evil spirits, collecting shocks, spiritual healing and instilling gas, etc.

  • Teenagers, family problems, intractable diseases, counseling, counseling

  • Life Dharma lectures. Diamond Sutra and Heart Sutra lectures

  • Super-conscious exercises are taught. Professor and instructor of Dynamic Zen and Yi Jin Gong.

  • Modern text translation of Prajna Heart Sutra, modern text translation of Amitabha Sutra of Buddha said, modern text translation of Avalokiteshvara Pumenpin, and printing of Amitabha Sutra,

  • Modern text translations such as Pumenpin, Diamond Sutra, Pharmacist Sutra, Ksitigarbha Sutra, etc. began to teach the body-protecting yoga practice.


—  Master Shi Shengjing



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