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Personal statement

You are welcome to participate in the activities and courses of Huayan Temple. According to Article 8 of the "Personal Data Protection Law", to obtain the personal data provided by you, you need to inform the following matters and get your consent. Please read it patiently and thank you for your cooperation. 

1. Purpose of acquisition: To promote Dharma practice, education, learning, care, service, etc. 
2. Obtained content: name, ID card passport number, contact information, etc., please refer to the registration form for details.
3. The period, activities and methods of using personal data:

(1) Period: After providing personal information, continue to provide care and services. 
(2) Event notice: New events and courses notice of Huayan Temple 
(3) Method: Computer or non-computer use. 

4. With regard to the personal information you provide, you may exercise the following rights in person or in writing:

(1) Inquiry, request to read, or request to provide a copy. 
(2) Request supplements or corrections, but please provide explanations in accordance with the law. 
(3) Request to stop collection, processing or use, and request deletion. However, if there are other laws, you may not follow your request. 

5. You are free to choose whether or not to provide personal information. If you refuse to provide the required personal information or provide incomplete information, Huayan Temple will not be able to provide you with complete care and services. I am sorry. 
6. If the content of this notice is revised, please check the official website of Huayan Temple without notice.

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